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TINA BROWN has been singing since the age of 3. Her parents, Arlean and Cornelius Brown, were born in the Deep South. They met in Chicago in the early Fifties. Their home was a house filled with many genres of music: Jazz, Blues and Soul but mostly Gospel music. This is how Tina developed her appreciation for music. Her father was a gospel singer and had his own gospel quartet group called "The True Believers" of Chicago, IL. He was a great influence in her life and encouraged Tina to sing her first solo at the age of 5!

When Tina turned 8 years old, she joined the all adult choir of her church, the "Original Holy Ark Baptist Church", on the South Side of Chicago. Tina's voice was so advanced and so strong that she was appointed as the choir's directress and teacher at the age of 13. She started making appearances as a soloist and continued as the directress for 17 years. During her tenure she led the choir to several competitions and won awards. She started doing workshops and gave voice lessons all without having voice lessons from anyone else.

She has also appeared in various Gospel TV shows as a soloist and as a member of the award winning, CHICAGO MASS CHOIR. Tina has a majestic voice, reminiscent of MAHALIA JACKSON, ARETHA FRANKLIN, and VICKIE WINAN.

In 1993, she joined the CHICAGO COMMUNITY CHOIR under the direction of JESSY DIXON, a famous Chicago singer and songwriter. This marked Tina's first trip overseas.

TINA BROWN formed her own group in 1999, TINA BROWN & VOICES. It is during the same year that she finally met the gospel singer that had inspired her throughout her childhood,   DELOIS  BARRETT  CAMPBELL   of  the  legendary   BARRETT  SISTERS  of
Chicago. Tina  and  Delois  immediately  formed  a "mother-daughter" bond and when Delois' health prevented her from performing, Tina was asked to be her stand in to sing her parts in the group.

Tina developed an interest in the theater and made her acting debut in 2004 with Chicago's BLACK ENSEMBLE THEATER production "Somebody Say Amen" which gained her a nomination from the "Black Theater Alliance" for "Best Performance by an Actress in a Musical". This production allowed Tina to tour throughout the United States and Trinidad. She continued her theater journey in such productions as "The Blues Brothers" impersonating Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul; "The Phyllis Hyman Story", "Porgy and Bess", "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" - A Tribute to Studs Turkel, and James Baldwin's classic "The Amen Corner" in the lead role as "Sister Margaret",

Although TINA BROWN loves many genres of music, but no matter where this journey takes her, she continues to sing the music that guided her childhood: GOSPEL and SPIRITUALS. She feels it is the true music of the Soul…



Fred Dubose is a singer, songwriter, actor and musician.  Music was a part of his household as his mother and father are singers and musicians.  He has performed in many countries and has appeared on stage with many of the most famous Gospel Artists in the United States.  Fred’s vocal ability is amazing and as an actor, he has done several theater productions.


Deborah Jackson has been singing since her childhood.  She is the director of music at her church and has been involved in various choirs and gospel groups as a featured vocalist.  She has provided back-up vocals for many great gospel artists in Chicago and the United States.


Frank Menzies is a very gifted musician and singer.  He is the director of the music department of Jones College Prep School in Chicago.  He does not only play the piano but also the organ, guitar, bass, drums and horns.  He is also music director for his church and has played for several theater productions in Chicago including “The Color Purple”.  He is also well versed in many genres of music such as jazz. He has served as the music director in many productions.


Nancy Millsap has displayed her love for gospel music since the age of 5. She is the daughter of a minister and her voice has been an inspiration in several churches in Chicago and throughout the United States.  A singer/songwriter she has appeared in various local theater productions. She is also a great motivational speaker.


Rhonda Preston is a singer and an actress.  She has been singing all of her life and her list of theater productions are too numerous to name.  Rhonda has been nominated for several awards in her acting career.  She is a very dynamic person with an energetic voice to match.  Her lead soprano voice rings through an auditorium easily.